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Wild Fennel Co. Gourmet Seasoning
Wild Fennel Co. Gourmet Seasoning

Wild Fennel Co. Gourmet Seasoning

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Wild Fennel Co. gourmet seasonings are inspired by traditional flavour pairings from around the world. Designed in Dunedin by former fine dining chef Dan Pearson, they are simple to use, versatile and full of flavour. The seasonings contain no additives or preservatives, just natural ingredients in time-tested recipes. Each 30g sachet contains seasoning for 2-3 family sized meals.

Chicken - mustard, onion and tarragon provide a robust, aromatic seasoning with a sweet finish.

Cow - fragrant spices of juniper berry, pink peppercorn and fennel. Perfect for beef.

Sheep - sumac, cumin and mustard create a salty seasoning with citrus notes.

The meat variety pack contains a selection of six seasoning sachets: chicken, beef, deer, duck, sheep and pig. The fish pack contains three sachets: salmon, shellfish and white fish. 

Pocket Salt has flaky sea salt flavoured with celery, mustard seed, dill, cumin, caraway and black sesame in a petite 15g tin.